Islington House

This Georgian home in Islington was acquired by an Anglo/Australian couple who had lived and travelled abroad extensively, and had amassed a unique collection of art and objects.

The house was unfortunately stripped of its original interior features, so we tried to evoke a sense of history by using vintage and antique furnishings from various periods and styles.

Brilliantly, the clients were not afraid of colour, their collection of aboriginal paintings with earthy red, pink and orange tones was the catalyst for choosing a contrasting vibrant teal colour for the Georgian-inspired paneling and cabinetry in the double reception room. 

We furnished the house almost entirely with vintage pieces, creating a colourful and eclectic mix which reflected our clients’ diverse backgrounds and worldly experiences.

The master bathroom had a distinctly vintage aesthetic where we made use of reclaimed teak laboratory tops to the vanity and the bath.