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The 3am Room: The Products

The Maddux Creative x Fromental 3am Room (Courtyard Room) features a carefully curated selection of items from a range of trusted suppliers and friends. Keep reading to find out more about why we chose these pieces.


Three distinct patterns are incorporated into the design of the 3am Room (Courtyard Room). The first pattern, agatized, draws inspiration from the mesmerising patterns and colours found in agate stones. The second pattern involves needle felting, used to create a cabinet of curiosity, and the third pattern utilises needlepoint and embroidery on silk linen, inspired by slime moulds, which exhibit unique growth patterns. 

In addition to the patterns, different mediums and moments are incorporated throughout the space. These elements allow for a multi-dimensional experience where the design wraps around the room, creating a sense of continuity and fluidity. By incorporating various mediums and moments, the design encourages exploration and engagement, enabling viewers to perceive the space from different perspectives. 

‘Our aim was to create an immersive environment that stimulates and expands the viewer's perception. Through the use of layered fabrics, intricate handwork, focal points, distinct patterns, and diverse mediums, the design seeks to evoke a sense of infinite possibilities and invite individuals to see and experience the space in new and transformative ways.’ Jo leGleud, Maddux Creative.  


Ligetti wall covering – FROMENTAL

The concept for Ligetti is based on a retro-futuristic design aesthetic, combining elements from the past and the present to create a unique vision for the future. Drawing inspiration from the optimistic outlook of the 1970s, this design concept seeks to capture the positive and forward-thinking spirit of that era and merge it with contemporary design elements. The use of stainless steel and a metalised ground in the design creates a sleek and modern aesthetic, evoking a sense of technology, progress, and innovation. 

To balance the sleekness of the metal, the addition of organic layers and warm colours such as Olive and Naples Yellow, soften the design and add a sense of warmth and comfort. Through the use of natural textures, curvilinear forms, and soft fabrics, the layers bring a sense of tactile and visual richness to the overall design. 

Dynamic shapes, kinetic elements and the illusion of motion throughout the design creates an atmosphere of dynamism and energy. This reinforces the futuristic theme and adds an element of excitement and vitality to the space. Silver leaf and gestures of graffiti art allude to an aurora, creating a space for thought and contemplation; a view onto the universe.  



The curtain, with additional handmade silver macrame pieces and adorned with a Maddux Creative X Samuel & Sons fringing, hangs in the entrance beneath the pelmet to give hand-made, 70s craft, elevated feel, with a layer of interest and interactivity. The idea that one is walking into a safe, protected space.


"The Doors of Perception" is a concept inspired by William Blake's quote, "When the doors of perception are cleansed, men will see things as they truly are, infinite." This concept aims to create an immersive and transformative space where individuals can experience a heightened perception and a deeper understanding of their surroundings. 

To bring this concept to life, various techniques and materials are employed. Layered fabrics, beading, and specific handwork are utilized to add texture, depth, and intricacy to the design. Vintage lame, a metallic fabric, is hand painted, embroidered and beaded, then overlaid with a lacey hand cut Hainsworth felt, creating a unique visual effect. 

The design incorporates focal points strategically placed within the space to draw attention and create different moments of interest. These focal points have been created utilizing the arrangement of elements, colours, and patterns to captivate the viewer and evoke a sense of wonder and discovery. 

Mosaic pattern wallcovering - FROMENTAL

Originally inspired by French, mid-century public art wall mosaics. Their organic shapes were a perfect starting point for our hand-painted and hand-embroidered interpretation.


The needle-felted fabric walling draws inspiration from the mesmerising patterns and colours found in agate stones, specifically a very captivating, agatised dinosaur bone. Materially as the portal, with vintage silver lame with hand-painted, hand-stitched and beaded cells, but spanned over a wall area, it allows other bone-like markings to be incorporated. We embellished the pelmet over the doorway and created a macrame curtain to hang beneath it, which further expands on the aesthetic research we so enjoyed. 


Along the picture rail runs ‘Elementi tiered fringe’ and ‘Elementi cord with tape’ and the along the skirting boards, ‘Elementi ombre border’, all in ‘Castagna’. These are part of ‘Gloriette’, Maddux Creative’s debut passementerie collection for Samuel & Sons. Each is available in four colour palettes: ‘Tartufo’, ‘Carciofo’, ‘Spritz’ and ‘Castagna’, resonant of the four seasons.

Manning carpet -  STARK

Chosen to bring natural texture to the room, the Manning carpet from Stark in ‘Ebony’, is composed of 100% Sisal, woven in India.  



The organza ceiling gills serve as a highly decorative element, creating a sense of being inside a mushroom and adding a touch of whimsy to the space. By playing with traditional architectural formats, specifically the tented ceiling, the design achieves a unique, captivating and grounding effect. The design becomes a focal point, engaging the viewers' attention and sparking their curiosity. It encourages exploration and invites individuals to experience the space with a sense of wonder and delight. 

Mica deconstructed mirror ball – CHARLES BURNAND GALLERY

Jo and Scott, having met on the dance floor in '96, are known for their 'party vibe' spaces. They are both a huge fan of disco, and the way a mirror ball so beautifully casts lights over the inhabitants of a room. For this room, Jo wanted to take the opportunity to try something new; a deconstructed mirror ball that creates a beautiful, fractured lighting effect, but using an organic material. Having seen the work that Simon Stewart of Charles Burnand Gallery had been creating with mica, Jo asked if he would be willing to collaborate. The mica fragments are interspersed amongst the organza ceiling gills, to create a cosy but otherworldly atmosphere within the room. 


The luxuriant ‘Purra Rug’, which zones the ‘sunken sofa’ area, is designed by Maddux Creative co-founder Jo le Gleud. Hand-knotted using the ancient Sumak technique, the abstract pattern was inspired by a trip to Chile with a spice-colour palette of aqua with gold lurex, orange wool with orange lurex, black with black lurex, mossy green and a deeper ruby red. Its luxuriant deep pile is reminiscent of Berber tribal rugs and 70’s shagpile. 


The Lacuna Coffee Table, made from nickel plated cast bronze with a recycled acrylic slab insert, takes inspiration from melting glaciers. It was chosen for the way it so beautifully reflects each surface in the room.

Bespoke curved sofa with blade legs – GEORGE SMITH

The frames and legs of the bespoke, curved sofas with blade legs are covered in Altfield’s ‘Cascades’ faux leather in ‘Espresso’, while the seat and back cushions are comprised of ‘Teddy mohair’ fabric from Pierre Frey; one in ‘Olive’ and one in ‘Acajou’.  


Mushroom cushions with feltingLIZZIE DESHAYES, FROMENTAL

Inspired by organic moulds and mycelia, these cushions are hand-sewn with wools, silks and beads. Each cushion has a distinctive pattern and colour group. Pleasant objects to pick up and amuse!

Drinks trolley – TOM FAULKNER

The ‘Papillon cocktail trolley’ from Tom Faulkner, custom made with steel in a gradient of shades of ‘Berry’, ‘Forest Green’, ‘Pea Green’ and ‘Pistachio’, is reminiscent of the agatised dinosaur bone. The mercurial, reflective quality of the dichroic glass manipulates the light that filters through it, creating a kaleidoscope of colour. Upon it sit a selection of uranium glasses.  

Antique uranium glasses - MADDUX CREATIVE

Lily cocktail tables – TOM FAULKNER

Lily Stools - TOM FAULKNER


Our room wouldn't be the same without:

Home automation system: lighting, audio and scent - CORNFLAKE

Home automation technical equipment - LUTRON

Discrete high-fidelity audio system - K-ARRAY


Light fittings: spotlights and LEDS - OPTELMA

Scenting system - ECOSCENT

Photography by Simon Williams, Shaun Cox and James McDonald