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The 3am Room: The Makers

The 3am Room, or Courtyard Room, was carefully stitched, needle-felted, painted and beaded in-situ by a team of talented textile artists and makers, both experts and students. Read on to find out more about this process.

The Maddux Creative x Fromental 3am Room, or Courtyard Room, would not have the same impact without the team of makers, experts and learners of their crafts, who painstakingly stitched, needle-felted and beaded the room in-situ. This hand-made, applied approach, with so many working simultaneously on different areas, creates a completely unique viewing experience, whichever way you look.

We made the invisible visible, by carefully hand-embroidering mycelium spores and strains, our initial inspiration for the room, directly onto the felted walls. We worked closely with the Royal School of Needlework to do this - the team visited the school to work with their second-year cohort in preparation for the installation, where they experimented together to come up with the freeform, needle-felted designs for the shelving of the Cabinet of Curiosities. Some of the students joined us on site to bring these to life. Spores were needle-felted, beaded and pinned directly onto the shelves in-situ.

The vintage lamé on the Agatized wall and pelmet was hand-embroidered, in India and in our studios, before being stitched to the walls on site and painstakingly embellished further by Jo le Gleud, embroiderer Emilie Mason and the Maddux team, as the room came together.

Fromental's Lizzie Deshayes is responsible for the sliding needlepoint 'Doors of Perception', encased by a matching pelmet which bears the quote that informed the design of the room; 'May you remain aware of awareness'. Lizzie solely created the spherical, densely embellished, needle-felted mushroom cushions scattered throughout the room and, inspired by the lights in her daughter's bedroom, the luminous-tipped felted mycelium spores, which twinkle from the depths of the Cabinet of Curiosities.

Photography by Simon Williams and Shaun Cox and the Maddux team.