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Elevating Tiny Spaces: Insights from Maddux Creative and Lasvit

Against the backdrop of Clare Farrow’s exhibition, Maddux Creative co-founders Jo leGleud and Scott Maddux held a masterclass at Roca London. They shared insights on transforming compact spaces into luxurious havens at this event, hosted by Roca London Gallery. Joined by industry experts such as Ivana Zuskinova from Lasvit and design writer Clare Dowdy, we delved into innovative approaches to small space design.

At Maddux Creative, we've always believed that size doesn't dictate style. Our co-founders, Scott Maddux and Jo leGleud recently had the privilege of sharing our philosophy on transforming compact spaces into havens of luxury and delight. As panellists at the "How to Bring Delight and Luxury to Tiny Spaces" masterclass, hosted by Roca London Gallery as part of their "Small Spaces in the City: Rethinking Inside the Box" exhibition, we had the opportunity to delve into the nuances of small space design alongside other industry experts.

Joined by the exhibition curator, Clare Farrow, Curator, Writer, Owner of Clare Farrow Studio and Curatorial Consultant for London Design Biennale and esteemed design professional Ivana Zuskinova from Lasvit and design writer Clare Dowdy, we explored the intersection of maximalism and opulence in environments traditionally associated with minimalism. Throughout the discussion and workshop, we shared insights, strategies, and creative approaches to elevate tiny spaces into extraordinary living experiences.

The event, held against the backdrop of Roca London Gallery's innovative exhibition, provided a platform to challenge preconceptions and reimagine the possibilities of small-scale design. From integrating luxurious materials and innovative lighting solutions to rethinking spatial layouts and functional elements, we discussed how every detail contributes to creating a sense of grandeur and sophistication, regardless of square footage. The exhibition draws on interviews, films and case studies and shows how international designers including White Arkitekter, Proctor & Shaw, Takeshi Hosaka, JCPCDR, Paola Bagna, nArchitects and many others are challenging the limitations of the box, and proposing a future vision, of a sustainable, flexible, playful, healthy sanctuary or bubble, close to nature and in a shared community.

‘I often use an interdisciplinary lens to create a multi-sensory experience for visitors through scenography, text, photography, film, poetry, objects, materials, music, even scent! I am interested in the psychology and phenomenology of inhabiting spaces, as well as the designs themselves, and have explored this in my exhibitions ‘Childhood ReCollections: Memory in Design’ (2015-2016), and ‘Memory & Light’ at the V&A (2018), as well as ‘Small Spaces in the City’ (2023-2024).'

'For this current exhibition at Roca London Gallery until 16th March 2024, which I proposed in 2022, I wanted to present a balanced view of the theme, and not to gloss over the fact that a small living and workspace can be a claustrophobic, dark and cluttered experience if it is not well designed, or if it is damp and without views. This is a reality for too many people.

As advocates for thoughtful and meticulously curated design, we emphasised the importance of balance, proportion, and personalised touches in transforming small spaces into cohesive and inviting sanctuaries. By embracing creativity, innovation, and a keen eye for detail, we showcased how even the most diminutive spaces can exude charm, character, and a distinct sense of luxury' - Clare Farrow.

We were inspired by the designs and fresh perspectives on home living showcased in the exhibition. Discussions naturally flowed around the theme of health, happiness, sustainability, privacy, luxury, materiality, and community and how these can shape a better future.

Photography by Brotherton-Lock and Theodore Wood.